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Our Story

Our one of a kind shop has a history as rich as the town of Lily Hollow itself. The building actually began its life in the late 19th century as an opulent home for the James family. Originally constructed by Wilbur Bartholomew James, the home was later renovated and converted to a hotel by Jame’s son, Wilbur Bartholomew “Bartie” James, Jr.


Some of Lily Hollow’s older residents may remember the glory years when the building was a boutique hotel for locals and travelers alike. But as times and tastes changed, the hotel closed and the building fell into disrepair. After sitting vacant for nearly three decades, the building was purchased by noted local author Jack Walters, and eventually passed down to his great granddaughter AJ Rhys.


AJ not only breathed new life into the neglected building but into the town as well. When she founded the Bookshop Hotel, it quickly became the social and historical center for Lily Hollow residents. The shop is now host to the town’s annual Christmas Gala, several book clubs, classes from the local community college, as well as the best gourmet coffee bar in Lily Hollow.

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