Our Story


When it’s the beating heart of your small town. Our one of a kind shop has a history as rich as the town of Lily Hollow itself. The building actually began its life in the late 19th century as an opulent home for the James family, and after a second life as Lily Hollow's most glamorous hotel, it passed to it's current proprietor, AJ Rhys.

Not only the great-granddaughter of the famous Jack Walters, she is a Lily Hollow native, and our most ardent lover of books...

Truly Great Books


Explore cozy interiors filled with hand selected titles, overstuffed furniture, and the nostalgia of bygone eras. We're in no hurry here. All of our patrons are encouraged to slow down and sit a spell when they can, and of course, bouts of reading are always encouraged.


Fresh Brewed
Gourmet Coffee

Get the sophisticated brew of the big city with the relaxed pace of a small town. Enjoy a cuppa with a light lunch or sweet treat from Sam's Deli or Abigail's Bakery. Food made with love, deliveries made daily.


The History of
Lily Hollow

Find hidden treasures from Lily Hollow's past down every hall. From the complete works of Jack Walters to turn of the century hotel ephemera, we've worked to preserve a small piece of each era. Join us in exploring Lily Hollow and all it has to offer, past and present.